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I’m a glutton for a good book, especially if it’s about a topic near and dear to my heart. As a professional storyteller, I have some tried-and-true picture books that I will never part with. (I can’t wait to read them with my grandchildren some day!) As a newbie homesteader, there are books that have been invaluable to me. As a veteran homeschooler, I can honestly say I have used very few textbooks, but the ones I have used I highly recommend. So I thought I’d set aside a page here, on my blog, to share with you all my all-time favorite reads and resources as a homeschooler, homesteader, storyteller, and parent. I’m continually adding to this list, so stop back again.

I know there is a plethora of books on any one of these topics, but I am only sharing my personal favorites here. If the book is listed on this page, I assure you it holds an esteemed spot on a bookshelf in my own home. 


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Nature study

For nature study anywhere in the U.S., I highly recommend ANY National Audubon Society field guide. Find the ones you’d enjoy for your part of the country. If you’re in New England, my favorite recommendation for all things nature study is Naturally Curious, by Mary Holland, but that is very specific to this region.
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Making Maple Syrup

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Living Simply


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 Some of my Favorite Storybooks for Kids

Gardening Supplies

(Also check out my posts on Making Your Own Maple Syrup for supplies needed for that.)

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Chicken Fun

Cast Iron Baking Supplies

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Homeschooling Supplies

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Products we love for Journaling or adding to Our Backyard Book

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Maple Syrup Supplies

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