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Gift giving ideas for the maple fanatic in your life

I have a favorite sugarmaker. He happens to be the love of my life. Since high school. So sure, I’m biased, but Bill is a great guy to ask if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a maple syrup maker. Turns out I’m a great person to ask if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who is NOT a sugarmaker but loves anything related to maple.

So today we’re putting our two heads together for one SWEET, maple-infused list of gift-giving ideas.

I’m guessing by now you’ve heard from some reliable source–like say Time Magazine–that maple is the new pumpkin. From what I’m reading, we’ll be seeing maple-flavored everything  more and more. Which is just fine by me. In fact, I say what on earth took so long?

Maple creates an amazingly warm sweetness when used in baking. Take my favorite donuts ever, for example. I tell their story and share the ammmahhhzing recipe in Sweet Maple, which (she says doing a literal jig) will be available in print within a few weeks! When I switched up the donut recipe and added some maple, well there is no will power strong enough. At least not in THIS house.

Maple has so much to offer.

Yes, maple has far more to offer than just sweet, warm, deliciously subtle undertones…

— Maple has less calories than refined sugar. (Crazy, I know. But true.)

— It offers a low glycemic index–making it an ideal sweetener for those who suffer from diabetes.

— It’s loaded with antioxidants that support the body’s immune system.

— It supports heart health.

— And it’s chocked full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Hmmmmm, all of that and yet we still choose refined sugar to sweeten our food and drinks. What does refined sugar have to offer us? That answer is a really short list: Calories.

So do you have a few people on your gift-giving list who might enjoy the warm flavor of maple, while reaping the amazing benefits of this all-natural sugar? Boy do I have some gift giving ideas for you!

For the Sweet Baker

Anyone who loves to bake will love trying some new maple recipes. Especially if you tell them how and why maple is such a fantastic alternative to refined sugar. Print out my 33-page (totally-free-to-subscribers) eBook, A Sweet Taste, or just print out the Maple Blueberry Cake recipe, and present it to them in  a beautiful cast iron skillet, a pint of maple syrup, and this beauty of a dish filled with blueberries.

Better yet, order them a copy of Sweet Maple when it’s available, in early December, as the centerpiece of their gift.

For the Sweet Tooth

Make them some amazingly yummy maple popcorn and wrap it in assorted sized tins or one like this. Include popcorn kernels and maple syrup, so they can make it themselves next time, along with a print out of the recipe from my free eBook, A Sweet Taste (available in my Subscriber Library). Add an air-pop popper and they’ll have all they ever need for the best popcorn ever.

Or just get them some powdered maple sweetness that will bring great joy to their coffee, tea, and cookies and their own copy of Sweet Maple, which will teach them how to make more maple sugar when your generous gift runs out.

If you truly have no idea what to get them, try a maple syrup sampler, because who can resist the joy of being a syrup connoisseur?

For Someone who Loves Sweet Clothes

He’ll love a tongue-in-cheek t-shirtthis hoodie, this tie, or this hat.

For a Sweet NewParent or Grandparent

There’s always the adorable baby onesie for the child or grandchild of a maple addict.

For the Wannabe Sugarmaker

If you know a maple addict who may want to try their hand at making some maple syrup, or a newbie sugarmaker who would like to know even more, you’ll love this gift-giving option for them–a “For the Maple Addict Gift Special”! The recipient will receive my 30-minute video that outlines the 8 steps to making maple syrup–from tap to table–the companion eBook and an additional “sweet” eBook–Making Maple Sugar.



As soon as payment is made, an electronic gift certificate will download for you. Simply present the gift certificate to the recipient and they will be hours away from full access to all three of these fabulous maple-syrup-making-inspirational items. (Each gift certificate will be imprinted with a personal code that the recipient will simply redeem via email.)

If indeed you have some friends or family in your life who would love the challenge of harvesting and bottling their own golden sweetener, from a tree or two in their backyard, then read on.

My favorite sugarmaker put together this list of great items for you to choose from that will help your special someone get to work tapping some trees.

And by the way, a sugarmaker is not limited to tapping only maple trees! See the complete list of tappable trees in my subscriber Resource Library. Not a subscriber? Sign up in the box at the end of this post. It’s easy-peasy.

Pair up a few of these items with Sweet Maple, and the recipient will be an instant expert at marking and tapping trees, collecting precious sap, and boiling, bottling, creaming, and granulating the most amazing all-natural sugar known to man.

Consider wrapping up any combination of these must-haves for any newbie sugarmaker: a few taps, a few feet of tubing, and a few buckets, or this handy combination of 10 taps and tubing. a mini getting-started kit like this one. A big pan and propane stand. A candy thermometer. A reusable filter. A hydrometer along with a hydrometer test cup (they’ll need both together). mason jars and/or syrup jars

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Just for fun

Do an amazon search for “maple syrup [fill in the blank with “mug” or “shirt”] and you’ll find all kinds of ideas, like this bumper stickert-shirt, and deck of playing cards.

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*In my previous life, I worked with enough lawyers know that sometimes we just need to throw in some legal language… so here’s were I tell you I’m no where near a nutritional expert of any sort and I’ve gleaned all this amazing information from talking to some folks and reading. A lot. But I’m making no claims about the nutritional value of any sweetener, just sharing the knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years.


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From my favorite sugarmaker and me

I hope that between my husband and I, we’ve come up with a few ideas that make your gift giving easier, more exciting, and a little more unique this year. And, from my favorite sugarmaker and myself, we wish you a truly blessed holiday season.

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