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My favorite homesteading pinterest boards seem to always come to the rescue. This time of year, the rescue is needed in the gift-giving department. Tis the season to start to panic about those gift-giving needs that I haven’t figured out yet… It’s cold these days, the New England daylight hours of winter are too short, […]

The cutest fall garland (and simple photo booth) in minutes!

This week on the homestead there is fall foliage starting to turn yellows, oranges, and reds; black-gold compost being spread; apples and pumpkins being picked; and paper plate candy corn being hung. Let me explain… We wanted a fun activity for our small town’s Harvest Party. When we threw together the easiest, cutest garland that […]

Wanna make your own garden trellis for free?

I’m excited today to give you a glimpse into my DIY garden trellis idea that my daughters and I hatched many springs ago. We needed a good trellis but had zero money to go buy one. Who am I kidding? Even if I had hundreds to invest in a trellis, I would have preferred THIS […]

I love my new (old) door hung as a barn door

A 217-year-old homestead tends to have a ton of junk fascinating history stories laying around, so this month we gave new life to an old door we uncovered in our barn. We’re using the old door inside with barn door hardware. Of course. A lover of history, I adore giving something old a new purpose. So when my hubby started talking […]

How to Make Maple Syrup step-by-step

So, I’m still learning how to make maple syrup. I’m still messing up almost daily. But wow, I’m not sure that I’ve ever enjoyed such amazingly delicious, oh-so-sweet byproducts of my failures. DISCLOSURE: Do you enjoy tips and encouragement you find here on SoulyRested? Would you like to know how you can support my efforts? […]

Clean Your Braided Wool Rugs in 3 Easy Steps

Braided wool rugs are kinda a family thing for us. Well, not really for me. A lot of things totally skipped a generation with me. I can’t sew “worth a lick,” as my mom would’ve said. But my daughters know their way around a sewing machine and back. I barely braid hair, but my daughters can […]