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Would you enjoy a few amazing recipes that use all-natural maple syrup? Maybe you’d like to discover numerous reasons that maple should be your favorite sweetener and a long with a list of what makes sugar maples so special. A, if you’ve ever wondered if you may want to harvest your own all-natural sugar, you’ll want to read all the answers to 8 questions everyone should ask before they tap trees. Go here to download your complimentary copy of A Sweet Taste.

You should know something: I’m a failure.

That’s me. Michelle. Newbie homesteader. Seasoned homeschooler. Writer. Wife to my high school sweetheart. And a failure. But I seem to learn a lot while I’m failing, so I write about it here.

Turns out, I’m a failure at lots of things.

But my failures might be your gain if you’d like to know how to successfully tap, boil, and bottle your own maple syrup, among other topics. Feel free to pull up a chair under an interesting subject, like homesteadinghomeschoolingnature study; my experiences in dealing with grief, living in a two-centuries-old farmhouse, or tapping, boiling, and bottling our own maple syrup. Whether you catch up on a homesteading tip or glean a little parenting insight from this momma who’s been failing at the effort for almost 2 decades, I hope that just maybe what I’ve learned from my mistakes can make your work a little bit easier every now and then. Because let’s face it, simple joys require hard work. 

Why so much talk about maple syrup?

<–Click here for lots more information about Sweet Maple! Ever since we tapped our first maple tree, I’ve been intrigued by the notion that we enjoy amazing sweetness–in liquid, granules, candies, and even smooth cream spread–harvested from a tree. So my new book, available in 2018, Sweet Maple, is the perfect how-to guide for anyone who wants to try making backyard syrup, but no maple tree tapping is required in order to fall in love with this book. It includes fascinating maple facts, an irresistible 30-page chapter of amazing maple-infused recipes, and full directions for making maple sugar and maple cream, using real maple syrup you can purchase if you don’t make your own. Be sure to follow along here on my blog for even more maple goodness.

And in the meantime, you can get started with one of my 14-page, full-color e-booklet: Maple Deliciousness, in 8 steps. It’s loaded with information, and it’s the perfect companion to my 35-minute video course, Maple Joy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.09.46 AMI also have a free Resource Library to share with you

My Resource Library is chocked full of free resources. (That’s almost as good a free ice cream!) As soon as you  follow along here on SoulyRestedyou’ll have instant access to all of them–including handy information about what trees are good for taping (you’ll be surprised!) and a long list of why all-natural maple products are far superior for baking than refined sugars. And, of course, don’t forget to download your free 33-page eBook, A Sweet Taste, once you’ve subscribed.

So, welcome to my centuries-old New England homestead, where the floorboards creak, the barn roof sags, the lights and water are not always guaranteed to work, the land is rocky and unforgiving, and yet it is perfect. Because it is where God has placed my family. And I’d love to have you join me on this part of the journey.