Try These 6 Ingenious Seedling Planters!

Seedling planters tend to overrun our sunny window ledges and counters around this time of the year. And they come in all shapes and sizes. My teen gardener has experimented with quite a few ideas over the years, and I thought I’d share a few of our favorites. DISCLOSURE: Do you enjoy tips and encouragement you find here […]

10 Reasons to Play in the Dirt

We should all play in the dirt every once in a while. But months ago, when she asked, I didn’t wanna… DISCLOSURE: Do you enjoy tips and encouragement you find here on SoulyRested? Would you like to know how you can support my efforts? I may receive monetary compensation for any link to any products or […]

Heart-shaped lessons from a white-tailed visitor

The corn was getting just tall enough to offer real promise of delicious August meals. The tomatoes were the size of bright green golf balls, starting to show hints of pink, longings for red adulthood. The cucumber plants were ready to reach out their tentacles and crawl along the ground because we had not yet built them a […]

A Long Time in the Making

My daughter made my Grandma’s Strawberry Pie today. It was a long time in the making. But I’m so thankful we weren’t in any rush at all. I think that may be the secret to perfect-every-time, made-from-scratch fresh strawberry pie… take it slowly. Something this good truly can’t be rushed… DISCLOSURE: Do you enjoy tips and […]

Dreams Taking Root

I assured her many times. She did not need to water her newly planted fruits today. Buckets of rainfall had provided a deserved respite from her arduous chore. She had carried watering cans, carted hoses and sprinklers, and inspected her plantings every day for two weeks. Having mini orchards to call her own had been a dream […]

The Promise a Garden Holds

“Promise.” That’s what she called the withered looking strawberry plant as she gingerly opened its brittle roots and fanned them across the luscious topsoil she had lovingly prepared for it. She saw past its dry, ugly roots and joyfully focused on the minuscule, tender shoot that represented so much hope to her. She knew it […]