Sweet Maple, available soon

Why so much talk about maple syrup?

You don’t have to know me long, or follow my blog for too long, before you realize that I have a fascination with all things maple-flavored.

Ever since we tapped our first maple tree, that first winter on our brand-new (to us), over-200-year-old New England homestead, I’ve been intrigued by the notion of maple sweetness. It truly amazes me that we can enjoy this all-natural, so-good-for-us sweetener–in liquid, granules, candies, and even smooth cream spread–harvested from a tree.

So what’s Sweet Maple?

Sweet Maple, my new full-color book, which will be going to print soon, is the perfect how-to guide for anyone who wants to try making backyard syrup. But no tree tapping is required in order to fall in love with this book.

Did you catch that? Just in case you think this book is only for someone with a sugar bush in their back yard, I’m gonna say that again…

No maple tree tapping is required in order to fall in love with this book. Sweet Maple includes fascinating facts, an irresistible chapter of amazing maple-sweet recipes, and full directions for making maple sugar and maple cream, using real maple syrup you can purchase if you don’t make your own.

Sweet Maple also provides an in-depth look into our homestead and our efforts to live life a little more simply and self-sustainably.

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Now I’m off to feed the chicken, ducks, and rabbits, scoop some cow poop, and finish up mock-ups on my beautiful book. Thanks for your interest in Sweet Maple!