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Sweet Maple, the book

“So , where’s the big book?” you might be asking…

If you’ve listened to any podcast I’ve done recently, like this one with Pioneering Today with Melissa K Norris, if you’ve perused any of my posts about maple syrup, or if you have followed my excitement on social media as the publication ramped up this winter, you’re probably wondering…. “Where IS this sweet book Michelle has been talking about?” (See what I did there?)

I’m elated to announce that just as it was going to press, via self publishing, a few publishing companies started conversations with me. I halted the press, so to speak, and am now in the process of signing a contract for an even-better-than-you-imagined, wonderfully professionally published Sweet Maple. So Sweet Maple won’t be available to purchase for a little while still, but I’ll keep you in the know throughout the process. And it’s gonna be worth the wait, of that I am certain.

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100% of the proceeds of any purchase made here in my little shop helps support a small sugar farm, sustain a valuable growing process, and encourage a New England farming family. (Read here for other little ways you can encourage my efforts.)

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