The hardest thing about homesteading

The hardest thing about homesteading? That’s a tough question, with a whole lot of possible answers. But last week I told ya’ll I think I can narrow it down to two aspects that are the most difficult for me. Today I’m discussing the second one. And boy does it cut this southern girl to the […]

Hands down, the two hardest aspects of homesteading

This homesteading thing is hard y’all. Rewarding? Absolutely. Impossible? Some days. If I’m feeling honest, I will admit my frustrations to anyone who asks. (Scratch that… I’ll unload and border on whining some days…) I’ve had many moments over the last 3 years of homesteading when I considered throwing in my muck boots. I don’t […]

Nativity scenes need muddy cows and red dragons

What’s wrong with the nativity scene? My first Christmas as a homesteader I noticed quite a few problems with our nativity scene… That was a few years ago, but think of it again every Christmas… A Cherished Childhood Tradition We released the ceramic animals from their blocks of styrofoam and arranged them under a rustic wooden stable. She had […]

Simple Christmas Joys

Every day, in some small way, since the week before Thanksgiving, we’ve been adding simple joys to our home in the form of all-natural, totally free Christmas decorations. We’ve made uncomplicated adornments, yet elaborate messes of pine needles, trails of hot glue, and squished red berries. And memories. I’ve never had so much fun anticipating […]

Looking for an expert on these topics?

My favorite homesteading pinterest boards seem to always come to the rescue. This time of year, the rescue is needed in the gift-giving department. Tis the season to start to panic about those gift-giving needs that I haven’t figured out yet… It’s cold these days, the New England daylight hours of winter are too short, […]

Gift giving ideas for the maple fanatic in your life

I have a favorite sugarmaker. He happens to be the love of my life. Since high school. So sure, I’m biased, but Bill is a great guy to ask if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a maple syrup maker. Turns out I’m a great person to ask if you’re looking for the perfect gift […]

The cutest fall garland (and simple photo booth) in minutes!

This week on the homestead there is fall foliage starting to turn yellows, oranges, and reds; black-gold compost being spread; apples and pumpkins being picked; and paper plate candy corn being hung. Let me explain… We wanted a fun activity for our small town’s Harvest Party. When we threw together the easiest, cutest garland that […]