Nice to meet you.

I’m so glad you stopped in. Michelle, of Mid-Life Blogger, and I have been friends for a while, with similar goals–mainly to help our readers. So I was eager to offer my latest project–for free–to Michelle’s readers.

I’m a newbie homesteader.

A few years ago, my family started on our homestead journey, longing to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We started growing our own food, canning our fruits and veggies, raising our own meat, and even milking our own Holstein, named Scout. I knew that fresh milk from our own grass-fed cow is loaded with natural enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. And I loved knowing where so much of our food was coming from.

But I was never a huge fan of maple syrup.

So there we were enjoying all this “complete food” on our homestead, but never thinking once about the huge amount of refined sugar we were consuming. Even once my husband started tapping a few trees, I still didn’t think much about it. To be honest, I never cared for real maple syrup. At least, not until we started making our own, right in our back yard.

Now I can’t get enough. I use it for baking, and I (almost magically) turn it into pure maple sugar to sweeten my morning cup of tea. I love that it’s an all-natural sweetener loaded with antioxidants that support the body’s immune system, it supports heart health, and it has less calories than white sugar!

But, best of all, I know exactly where it comes from–it’s not refined and processed in a factory, but it comes from my own trees right in my own back yard. Talk about farm-to-table and sustainable living!

If you think you’d like to start a journey toward healthier, more natural eating, you don’t have to buy a family cow (although I highly recommend it, if you can).

Instead, consider making your own all-natural sweetener right in your own backyard. If you wanna give maple syrup making a try, you’ll want to snag a copy of Sweet Maple when it hits the press this fall. It’s the perfect how-to guide for anyone who wants to try making backyard syrup, but no maple tree tapping is required in order to fall in love with this book. It will include fascinating historical facts, an irresistible chapter of amazing maple-sweet recipes, and full directions for making maple sugar and maple cream, using real maple syrup you can purchase, even if you don’t make your own.

But in the meantime, because Michelle (of Mid-Life Blogger) sent you here, I would love to offer you this 14-page, full-color introductory e-booklet: Maple Deliciousness, in 8 steps. It’s just a tiny “taste” of Sweet Maple, but it’s free for the month of August to all SoulyRested subscribers. It will be available for purchase in my online shop starting September first.

If you’d like your own downloadable copy of Maple Deliciousness today, just sign up with SoulyRested right here.

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