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Sustainable living is important to me.

A few years ago, my family started on our homestead journey. We started growing our own food, canning our fruits and veggies, raising our own meat, and even milking our own Holstein, named Scout. Meet Scout, and her sweet calf, in this little video.–>

I wasn’t a huge fan of maple syrup.

So there we were enjoying all this “real food” on our homestead, even fresh milk from our own grass-fed cow (which is loaded with natural enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals), but never once thinking about the huge amount of refined sugar we were consuming. Even after my husband tapped a few trees, I still didn’t think much about it. To be honest, I never cared for real maple syrup. At least, not until I tasted it fresh from our own trees, right in our back yard.

But now I love this all-natural sweetener!

Now I can’t get enough. I use it for baking, and I (almost magically) turn it into pure maple sugar to sweeten my morning cup of tea. I love that it’s an all-natural sweetener loaded with antioxidants that support the body’s immune system, it supports heart health, and it has less calories than refined sugar and almost half the calories of honey!

But, best of all, I know exactly where it comes from–it’s not refined and processed in a factory, but it comes from my own trees right in my own back yard. Talk about farm-to-table and sustainable living!

Listen in if you’d like to hear me explain more.

Hop over here for a link to a recent Pioneering Today podcast I recorded with Melissa K. Norris. Aaahhhh, talk of favorite family recipes, cast iron, and maple syrup. Doesn’t get much sweeter than that, ya’ll.


Read on for information about my book, Sweet Maple.

Sweet Maple: Backyard Sugarmaking from Tap to Table, due to be released in 2019, is an instructional book for anyone who yearns to delve into the magic of backyard sugarmaking. But it’s also the story of…

…one family’s connection to the past on a small New England sugar farm

…one homesteader’s revelation into the joys and health benefits of all-natural sugar, and

…one kitchen’s transformation from reliance on refined sugar to immersion in an all-natural alternative.

In Sweet Maple, I guide you in all-natural syrup production. I detail the directions for tapping one tree or dozens. And I share my family’s tried-and-true maple recipes. Sweet Maple covers it all–from tap to table–with inspiring storytelling every step of the way.



If you like maple, you’ll love these.

If you think you may want to learn to tap trees, these books and my video course are a great place to start. If you don’t make your own maple syrup, you’ll still enjoy every yummy recipe in these books and course using purchased maple syrup. (affiliate link) And you’ll glean insight into the fascinating world of maple while being inspired to simplify your family’s life just a little.

Just click on each title for more information:

Make Maple Syrup,

Maple Deliciousness, and

Maple Joy.


I have some sweet gifts for you. Really.

Get started on your journey toward healthier, more natural eating today, with the numerous resources in my Resource Library, free to download and enjoy a wealth of information, including:

A yummy (piece-of-cake easy!) recipe for Maple Cream Icing.

A printable list of the 22 trees that are popular for tapping across the U.S. (And even around the world!)

Links to helpful resource pages to aid you if you consider tapping your trees.

An impressive list of ingredients in all-natural maple sweeteners. (Compared to refined sugar, there’s no comparison.)

A recipe for Maple Sap Switchel (This amazing homemade electrolyte drink is like Gatorade but so much better!)

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And you’ll love this eCourse I put together for you.

My course–Maple Joy in 8 Steps–got rave reviews from the attendees of the 2017 Back To Basics Living Summit, and I think you’ll love it if you are considering if you can make your own all-natural sweetener from a tree or two (or twenty) in your own neck of the woods.




Here’s what others are saying about Sweet Maple, the book.

My print book, Sweet Maple, chock full of deliciousness, will be printed by Lyons Press in Fall 2019.

(Yes, to an eager author who wants you to have this book in your hands, the printing process seems as slow as molasses.)

In the meantime, I asked a few experts what they thought of Sweet Maple:

“If I can ever figure out a way to grow sugar maples out here on the Wyoming prairie, Sweet Maple will be the resource I turn to first! Michelle masterfully walks the reader through not only the romance of sugaring, but also the practical steps of each part of the process. And thankfully, regardless of whether or not you plan to harvest your own syrup, the mouth-watering maple-infused recipes can be made by anyone. I highly recommend adding this book to your homesteading library!”

—Jill Winger,

Michelle and her family’s passion and perseverance can inspire not only the suburbanite who might like to tap a sizable maple tree in the backyard, but also the more serious maple syrup makers in well-treed rural areas. Her informational and enthusiastic writing will encourage many readers to experience making maple syrup for themselves. Also, the artistic photographs lend much appeal to the reading of Sweet Maple. Congratulations are in order for Michelle’s first homesteading book! —David Tatnall , Extension Horticulturist, University of  Delaware


“No need to take years learning the hard lessons of making your own maple syrup. Michelle takes you along with her family making you feel like you are right there learning the ins and outs of making maple syrup that took her years to learn.”

—Al Lumnah, of Lumnah Acres youtube channel

“In Sweet Maple, Michelle infuses beauty and practicality into the annual event that kicks off the spring season of hope and promise—making maple syrup! Despite the labor sugaring season may bring, the payoff in deliciously sweet, rich, golden syrup is totally worth every bit of it. Michelle’s joy in the season is infectious. In fact, before you’re through reading it, you’ll be longing for February to come so you can start drilling your taps and putting into practice the information laid out in Sweet Maple. Be forewarned: the collection of recipes is dangerous! And it’s no wonder with recipes like Raised Donuts with Maple Glaze, Maple Fudge, Cinnamon Maple Bagels, and Maple Sourdough Bread. But what has me most intrigued is the maple sugar and maple cream. I can’t wait to try them all!”

—Quinn Veon, and author of Cake Stand: Fresh From the Market Farmstead Cakes and Farmstead Pie.



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