Unique Yuletide Book Reports… yes, book reports

Every December we drag out a large box of unique book reports that my daughters began compiling many moons ago. Why would we revisit a crate full of elementary- and middle-school book reports every yuletide season? Because they aren’t chicken-scratch-filled, wide-ruled papers exuding uninteresting details of easy-reader books that no one will ever read again. They’re origami ocean creatures, Shrinky Dink Anne Shirleys, mini Sculpey clay cakes that […]

A summer afternoon like I enjoyed as a kid… sorta

On hot summer afternoons when I was 11 I would read a minimum of one book a day, usually curled up on the plaid couch in the cool basement family room. Miss Elisabeth, my local librarian, expected to see me amble into the Kirkwood Highway Library every third or fourth day, checking out a new stack of  paperback […]