Every Vote Counts

  Yesterday made it very clear to me that indeed every vote counts. Yesterday marked the first evening since our family moved to New England that the sun set over our little cape at the bend in the road, where the lake spills into the wandering river, on the eve of a presidential election day. And I […]

A Look at the Presidential Primaries (the venues)

  The presidential primaries in NH are a snapshot into a government by the people, for the people. They, and the caucuses in Iowa, allow “we the people” to meet our future president in an intimate way not possible anywhere else–not possible in large, urban towns; not possible after the national excitement builds and crowds grow exponentially. The NH primaries are a […]

Don’t Miss this Autumn Jewel: the Harvest Moon

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Or so Anton Chekhov wrote. I’m reminded of the quote as I scratch “Harvest Moon” on a Sunday square of the calendar. As a writer, I wholeheartedly agree with the Russian author. As a teacher, I instruct my students to interrogate all of […]

History and Small Town Life at its Finest

Our first Old Home Day that we drove to in a car with NH plates… Our first Old Home Day in our own small town… We were not vacationers passing through. This was our Old Home Day, and we were excited. Cars lined the small road that meandered around the old school house. The bustle of […]

Delicious History

Funny how we sometimes assume we know something and for years (maybe a lifetime) never question. Never ask. I’d heard of Old Home Days in New Hampshire for decades. While on summer vacations over the years, I’d attended quite a few, in small rural towns speckling the central New Hampshire landscape. At these marvelous festivities I’d […]

Beautiful Imperfections in Nature Studies

Nature Studies have always been an intimate, intricate part of our family. First, as part of our elementary years of homeschooling, but then as a part of a family heirloom that my teen daughters still add to today, almost 2 decades after it all started. Read on if you’d like to know more about our family’s […]

Cookie, the crooner

She’s always loved frogs. Even a decade ago. But now that she’s “all grown up” (at 11), she is even more intrigued by them. She spots them in camouflaged niches, transports them around the yard (and, yes, around the house), doesn’t mind when they leave some wet traces of their fear on her palm, talks […]