Delicious History

Funny how we sometimes assume we know something and for years (maybe a lifetime) never question. Never ask. I’d heard of Old Home Days in New Hampshire for decades. While on summer vacations over the years, I’d attended quite a few, in small rural towns speckling the central New Hampshire landscape. At these marvelous festivities I’d […]

A perennial, paternal harvest

It arrived via Fed Ex today. Shinny and ready to use. She was so excited. She couldn’t wait to fill it. Not an iPod ready to be filled with apps. Much better, in her mind–a watering can ready to tend to her beloved gardens and fruit trees. As I watched her shower her blueberries, I realized how […]

Dreams Taking Root

I assured her many times. She did not need to water her newly planted fruits today. Buckets of rainfall had provided a deserved respite from her arduous chore. She had carried watering cans, carted hoses and sprinklers, and inspected her plantings every day for two weeks. Having mini orchards to call her own had been a dream […]

Cookie, the crooner

She’s always loved frogs. Even a decade ago. But now that she’s “all grown up” (at 11), she is even more intrigued by them. She spots them in camouflaged niches, transports them around the yard (and, yes, around the house), doesn’t mind when they leave some wet traces of their fear on her palm, talks […]