12 reasons to take your daughter to the fair

If you’re blessed to be a parent to an amazing daughter (or, like me, four), you may know multiple ways to braid hair. And you’ve probably hosted your share of  tea parties. You may paint a really mean manicure, especially on your daughter’s dominant hand. And you’re really good at listening (because she often has a lot […]

Whoopie Pies in a Cookie You Can Make Tonight

Warning: the history or whoopie pies and recipe and all the can’t-resist calories that accompany this knowledge follow below. DISCLOSURE: Do you enjoy tips and encouragement you find here on SoulyRested? Would you like to know how you can support my efforts? I may receive monetary compensation for any link to any products or services from this […]

Reaping a Harvest

Surely it had been bathed in the light of the Harvest Moon hundreds of times before–our little red cape that sits at the bend in the road. There where the lake greets the river in rolling melodies, spilling over the dam, the full moons of many Septembers have certainly rolled their bright lullabies over the humble clapboard walls […]

History and Small Town Life at its Finest

Our first Old Home Day that we drove to in a car with NH plates… Our first Old Home Day in our own small town… We were not vacationers passing through. This was our Old Home Day, and we were excited. Cars lined the small road that meandered around the old school house. The bustle of […]

Delicious History

Funny how we sometimes assume we know something and for years (maybe a lifetime) never question. Never ask. I’d heard of Old Home Days in New Hampshire for decades. While on summer vacations over the years, I’d attended quite a few, in small rural towns speckling the central New Hampshire landscape. At these marvelous festivities I’d […]