Blooming With a Story

There were three guys. And three flowers. But no one told them which flower was for which guy. One white rose and two violet irises arrived that sunny June morning at the church on the hill with the tall white steeple. They had been boxed and delivered to the groom and his two groomsmen. For some […]

Encouraging a Passion for Photography

She loves photography. And she has a natural bent for it, framing her subject in unique ways and using engrossing angles. I am truly in awe when I scroll through her photo folders on the computer. So I was excited to hear she was “all in” when I asked if she’d like to complete a […]

Lilac Syrup

Making syrup from trees in your own backyard is extremely rewarding–not to mention so sweetly delicious! But I’m not just talking about making maple syrup. While I do love DIY maple syrup, I’m actually writing about something that may surprise you today… Lilac Syrup. (Of course you can also read all about our backyard production […]

History of the Lilac Bush

Before we moved to our New England farmhouse, which was built around 1800, I had never even considered the history of the lilac bush. Once I discovered the beautiful antique blooms in so many corners of our homestead, I was inquisitive to know if these fragrant trees had possibly been planted here long ago. DISCLOSURE: Do […]

A flower awakens. A circle closes.

Our move to NH has officially come full circle. One year ago today marks the end of an almost 6-year process that led our family to our humble New England homestead. One year ago today we became NH residents. We’re still learning our way around the state. We’re even still learning our way around our rocky, forested 14 […]

10 Reasons to Play in the Dirt

We should all play in the dirt every once in a while. But months ago, when she asked, I didn’t wanna… DISCLOSURE: Do you enjoy tips and encouragement you find here on SoulyRested? Would you like to know how you can support my efforts? I may receive monetary compensation for any link to any products or […]

Thwarting mosquitos

I always prefer homemade; so I figured why not homemade bug spray as well? Whether you would like to keep unwanted creepy crawlies at bay, or are looking for some great inspiration on ways to know more about creepy crawlies “of the good kind,” read on! DISCLOSURE: Do you enjoy tips and encouragement you find […]

The beauty of a rejected weed

It rained steady all day. Morning till dark, and long into the sleeping hours. I longed to gather armfuls of the luscious lilac blooms that were bending their beauty outside my windows, under the weight of the rain. I did so during a brief break in the deluge. But I was awestruck with a different […]

A Poor Woman’s Bouquet

Her favorite flower was hated by most. It grew prolifically in her yard and gardens, despite her son-in-law’s insistence that it deserved nothing more than discarding. But she enjoyed the poor-woman’s bouquets that the dandelions afforded her. Turns out my grandmother’s insistence that the seemingly worthless mustard blossoms be given full reign ensured the early […]