It’s worse than that first essay of the new school year. You know? The one about what you did that summer? How does one savor 10 weeks of sun-kissed fruits, dog-eared books, and delighted toes that are dug deep in cool grass and then successfully sum it up in 200 words?

How does one stare at a harshly white screen and sum up herself? Impossible.

But it turns out if you author a book, you need to actually sum yourself up on the cover. As painful as it was, I put this together…

“Michelle Visser is a homesteader in rural New England. She’s a fourth-generation gardener, an author and photographer, mom to four daughters, and the sugarmaker’s wife. In their 200-year-old farmhouse and on their 14 rocky tree-filled acres, her family makes an effort to live life a little more simply by growing some of their own food, raising a few farm animals, and making their own all-natural maple sugar.”

So that’s the gist, at least according to a book cover. Feel free to keep scrolling if you’d like to know anything else.

Who I Am

I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart and mom to four girls who make sure there is never a dull moment in my days.


I’m a published author (read more about Sweet Maple here), a big fan of Toblerone, freelance editor, professional storyteller, dog lover, and robotics coach who doesn’t know how to program.

I’m honored to be one of only 32 professionals who were chosen to be part of the Back to Basics Living Summit.

I’m a wanna-be photographer, a wanna-be botanist,


and a wanna-be entomologist.


I’m big fan of history, and I’m one in the line of five generations of backyard gardeners.

Where I Live

I’m also a newly-relocated New Englander. The latter is enabling me to tinker with the plants, bugs, history, and gardening, because my New England home is one that was built in 1800 and situated by a mountain lake that bubbles into a sun-kissed river that flows along our 14 wooded acres.

Version 2

Why I’m Satisfied

The barn roof sags. The lights and water are not always guaranteed to work (at least the way we want them to). The floorboards creak.

The land is rocky and filled with work to be done. And the nearest thriving town is an 18-mile backroad trek.

But it is the home God has drawn our family to, and we could not be more satisfied in Him than here, where He has placed us for this season of our lives.

So welcome.


What “SoulyRested” Means

One of many verses that I recently took to heart, long before I fully knew the meaning the words would imprint on my heart, sums up my recent days:

“Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16)

Thus, the title of my blog. I am working on being “Souly Rested.” But I am well aware of the impossibility of that if I am not also solely relying on Christ.

I also dubbed our new homestead (cause, you know, all homesteads need a name) Restful Falls Farm… to remind myself that here I need to REST. Not rest in the typical sense. Heck no. There’s always so. very. much. to. do. around here. But in my soul.

What “Homeschool” Means to Me

I’m a homeschool mom of 4 successfully thriving daughters who love the Lord. Please reread that. Notice I did NOT say I am a successful homeschool mom. I fail at the impossible, joy-filled roller coaster ride of homeschooling miserably, in some way, every year… every subject… every day. For almost 2 decades now. But in spite of my limitations and incapabilities, God has blessed my meager efforts. My daughters are successful, and they love the Lord through the everyday way they live their lives.

There are other, separate pages to be written about the definition of success. For now, it’s enough to explain my definition of homeschool success as this: instilling a life-long love of learning.

Thanks to my fine example of insufficiency, they know they can live a prosperous life and honor Him and give Him glory even in the midst of–sometimes because of–their own limitations and incapabilities.

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How You Can Contact Me

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And if you have any interest in the life of a rural New England mom who is still learning how to be a good wife to her high school sweetheart; dabble in photography, gardening, and hearth-fire cooking; renovate an old home while learning its stories and maintaining its charm; homeschool; indulge in toblerone without excess; simplify her life; and write without rambling, then you just may like to join me on my journey.

I hope you do.

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