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Great resources on bee keeping

I am a huge fan of impromptu, unplanned, teachable moments…

One such moment recently was way better than any field trip this homeschool mom could have planned or lesson I could have prepared. Take it from me, if you ever hear a neighbor mention they’re getting bees delivered tomorrow, most definitely ask if you can watch!

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Who knows, he may even have extra beekeeper’s gear and ask your daughter to suit up and help. And yes, she started longing for some bee hives that very day.  No, we don’t have any yet. For now, 8 hens, 1 difficult (but beautiful) rooster, 5 young chicks, 4 ducks, lots of rabbits, an adorable momma holstein, and a sweet baby holstein on the way (due within a month), we’re not quite in a position to add one more thing to our homesteading plate.

trying your hand at beekeeping

a teachable moment

Mr. Big Fat, my rooster

pretty, young hens

Baby bunnies on the farm

But if you like researching something thoroughly before taking a leap, as she does, here are some interesting resources you may enjoy on bee keeping:

This free ebook gives lots of details about the natural way of keeping bees as well as directions on building your own hives.

This blogger in California offers lots of great tips for bee keepers.

If you’re into podcasts, you’ll enjoy this one all about bee keeping, run by a husband and wife duo who operate a bee business in east central Illinois.

I stumbled across this interesting blog post on how bees are like chicken (and why natural bee keeping is better).

And this is an interesting description of commercial beekeeping and industrial agriculture today.

And finally, my new friend, Jess, the faithful farmwife, gives a wonderful, detailed description of the entire process of honey extraction.

Or maybe you’re not interested in bee keeping at all and would just like to see an adorable picture of Scout… I can definitely oblige…

Scout, my daughter's holstein

In another month, you’ll have to hold me back from sharing dozens of mug shots of Scout’s sure-to-be-adorable baby calf. For now, go enjoy a beautiful, fleeting, summer-day moment. If some impromptu, teachable moment slips in the back door, all the better.

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Psalm 90:14


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  1. Two days ago while winging through the countryside, top down in my Tbird, I passed a farm selling honey. I saw the hives and thought, I’ll bet Kayla would give that a try.
    Today I read your blog. We’re all connected. Amazing.

    1. Yep, bees are on her “list,” right after pigs, I believe. But the calf is arriving soon… and multiple gallons of milk a day to go with it. 🙂 So I don’t know how soon bee hives will make their way onto Restful Falls Farm. But I wish I could join you on a ride in the country in your Tbird!

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