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Really Listening

I often realize I’m not listening. I need to make a conscience effort to really listen. But I’ve learned that I could never answer the question, “How can my child make money?” if I didn’t first listen. Really listen.

how can kids make money

I always have too much on my mind. Maybe that’s to be expected, since I homeschool my daughters, run a freelance editing business from home, and well, just ’cause I’m a mom. I know I need to make sure I make time to just listen. So I often take a walk. One-on-one with each daughter, whenever circumstances allow. With no computer screen enticing me to waste a valuable 10-minute window, no editing deadline staring at me, and no chore screaming my name, with just a daughter by my side and my hiking shoes leading the way, I tend to hear—really hear—what my daughter has to say.

On one such walk, when she was only 7, my blond-ponytailed daughter gazed up at me with limpid-blue eyes and informed me she was going to some day own horses.

how can kids make money

Her Dream Deepened

As we ambled around the equestrian parkland near our home—her favorite place to wander for hours—she assured me her horses would make kids happy, especially the kids who didn’t have money to pay for lessons—the kids whom she would be giving lessons for free.

Over the next few years, she learned about the amazing therapeutic benefits of time spent with horses, and her dream deepened. She would own a therapeutic riding ranch.

She Put Legs to her Dreams

At 9, she put legs to her dreams. She became an entrepreneur, with a monthly customers and 3 retail locations, so she could start raising the money to someday own a horse. All of this effort and, mind you, we owned a .2-acre plot of land, with no possibility for any equine neighbors. But her dream grew on.

By the way, my number one response when asked how to encourage entrepreneurship in a child? Listen. Really listen. If you can tap into their passions and help them see how entrepreneurship will help them obtain their goals, you’re on the path toward raising a very successful entrepreneur.

How Can Kids Make Money?

When I’m asked “How can kids make money?” I explain that truly there is no limit to the paths they could choose. But there are huge limits to the prospects ahead of them if they try to monetize something they’re not passionate about.

If you google “How can kids make money?” you’re sure to find hundreds of ideas. But you probably don’t need to waste hours pursuing such lists. Yes, your child could try to bring in some money using all the variations of a lemonade stand that you find in your google search. Yes, you child could make some money walking neighbors’ dogs or building a blog and using AdSense. But if they’re not totally into the neighborhood canines or they don’t adore writing then they won’t get too far.

My point is, you’d be more productive in encouraging your child’s business success if you help them decide what they’re passionate about and then help them brainstorm ways to make money that relate to their interests.

So, again, it all comes back to listening. If you don’t take time to really listen to your child, neither of you may realize the intense potential they have.

Her Dream Developed Deep Roots

Following her passions, my daughter volunteered for 3 years at a rescued horse ranch, where her dream developed deep roots, immersed in the very setting she hopes to create herself one day.

how can kids make money

how can kids make money

Putting Wings to Her Dreams (and a Write up in CNN)

Then God called our family to a new life, in a new home. From the mid-Atlantic to New England. From two tenths of an acre to fourteen. From a home where her dream seemed impossible, to a homestead where her dream could materialize. This spring, she’ll be putting wings to her dream. She’ll be adopting her first rescued animals, and the really hard work will begin.

She was even written up in a nice article in CNN Business!

How thankful I am that on that chilly day when the small 7-year-old hand tugged on mine and my precious daughter poured out the details of her dream, I was listening. Really listening.

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  1. What a lovely post! I was a horse-crazy daughter (I’m still horse-crazy) and had a horse-crazy daughter of my own. Good for you for listening to your daughter’s dream, and congratulations to her for all she’s accomplished!

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